Solar Defence 1.1.2

Source:Nox Productions

Solar Defence is a tower defence game set in space with endless hours of fun.

Solar Defence is an addictive tower defence game set in space with endless hours of fun. Explore the five different planets with unlimited levels, upgrade your skills to improve your defences, find rare artifacts and unlock achievements.

If you have issues with the game running slow or short freezes, try to turn the sound off in the game settings. Adobe Air currently has issues with the sound for Android which they are trying to solve. The sound works better on newer phones due to their faster processor.

- 6 towers and tech-upgrades.
- 10 maps on 5 planets with unlimited levels*.
- 10 types of enemy spaceships.
- Earn XP and spend them between 10 different and unlimited skills*.
- Find artifacts to improve your skills. All are randomly generated and gets more powerful at higher levels.
- Attack waves get more randomized from planet/map 2 and onwards.
- Platforms get damaged and eventually destroyed at higher levels. Damaged platforms are repairable.
- Lots of achievements to unlock that will give you rewards.

* Visit for more detailed instructions.

NOTE: Requires 480x800 screen resolution or higher. Try the free lite version first if you're not sure which resolution your phone has.

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